Posted date: 30-12-2021

Location: Dubai, UAE, International

Job category: Securities & Trading
Salary: AED36,000 - AED50,000
Closing date: 31-05-2022


Cobblestone Energy is an independent trading firm. Founded in 2017, we are part of the next generation of companies defining the future of global commodity trading. Although we have experienced very strong growth so far, we are still near the start of our journey. We have ambitions to go a lot further. 

Energy in one form or another is fundamental to almost all the world's economic activities. By understanding the demand, supply, and logistics of these commodities, we can better understand the world. 

We specialise in the proprietary trading of the intraday and short-term wholesale electricity markets across Europe. We make use of advanced data analytics and extensive research to drive profitable decision making, trading enough electricity every day to power a small country and growing every day. Technology and risk management form the backbone of our business.  

Cobblestone Values 

  • Lifelong learning with continuous reflection.
  • Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas.
  • The team is more important than the individual.
  • Being the best in any market we enter.
  • Hiring and keeping only the most effective people.
  • Others must benefit from our existence.



Starting Remuneration of 50,000 USD per annum, 0% Tax environment. 

Fast progression for strong performers.  

The Cobblestone Commercial Development Programme (CDP) is your passport to an exciting and challenging career in the world's commodities markets. It is a programme lasting up to 12 months designed to give you exposure across trading and analytics to help you develop the tools you need to be a highly effective team member. 

We are searching for exceptional graduates who thrive on intellectual challenges and can provide creative solutions to complex problems. High performers who have proved themselves can graduate from the programme earlier.  

This is a role for highly analytical and sharp individuals with strong numerical ability. One must be able to learn and think quickly. Opportunity is unlimited for exceptional talent. 

We are offering graduate vacancies in our Dubai office starting throughout 2021. 



  • A full-time position on our Commercial team. 
  • Committed and remarkably talented colleagues. 
  • Great compensation and rewards. 
  • An exciting, challenging and fulfilling career. 
  • An opportunity to work on new things from scratch and make independent decisions. 
  • Unlimited growth potential. 



  • Support the commercial decisions of the traders through the provision of timely analysis and market monitoring. 
  • Perform research into various aspects of the European Energy markets 
  • Analyse business requirements (tools and systems) and provide ideas to solutions that add value to the bottom line. 



  • Strong numerical, logical reasoning and analytical skills. 
  • A in A level Mathematics. Must have studied Mathematics at A level. * 
  • Strong commercial acumen. 
  • Resilience and a determination to succeed.
  • Independent thinkers with growth mindset. 
  • Programming (e.g., Python, Java, C++) skills are desirable but not mandatory. 
  • Must be passionate, self-motivated and able to learn quickly. 
  • Strong sense of integrity.  
  • Personal values that match our company values. 



After your application has been evaluated, you will be invited to take online psychometric assessments that will evaluate your numerical ability.  

Upon successful completion of these, you will be invited for a series of interviews with members of both our HR and Commercial team. 

Before full time admission onto our Commercial Development Programme (CDP), all finalist candidates will be invited to attend a Cobblestone Training Programme (CTP). CTPs will be carried out at our Dubai office. We shall cater for everything - flights, accommodation, paperwork, and expenses. 

During the Training Program, you will work on real-life tasks and situations with other members of the commercial and technical team. The goal is to enable you to learn as much as possible within the period while giving you the opportunity to shine in an area tailored to your strengths. You are also evaluated for cultural fit, aptitude, and your ability to work with others. 

Those passing the CTP will be offered a full-time role on the CDP.  


Job Location

The role will be based in our Corporate office in Dubai. 

Office Location:  

Jumeirah Business Centre 2, Cluster V, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  

Some videos for your reference:

Who is Elexon? For the UK market, they are the system administrator.


Some general information about electricity trading arrangements in the UK


Elexon sushi video. Tries to explain the balancing of the UK's electricity grid


The videos above are UK centric, but our current interest is Europe wide. Feel free to research the other markets. This is a longer video that to me explains why there is such large opportunity going forward for the electricity traders who are able to efficiently analyse supply and demand fundamentals and move power between countries, for the benefit of all.


Once Europe is conquered, we do genuinely intend on going global. The American power markets look next on the plate, followed by the Australian and Japanese. 


Inquiries should be directed to Hung Nguyen - Talent Acquisition Specialist via Linkedin or email hung.nguyen@cobblestoneenergy.com 

+84 39 239 0080